Mighty Show as Ruto is Accorded Red Carpet reception During Meeting with Joe Biden

Kenya’s President William ruto has finally met up with the world’s most powerful president Joe Biden at White House during his visit of America. This coming just a few days after a ruto together with his delegation jetted out of the country to attend to a summit that was organised by Biden’s administration.

Ruto’s arrival at Whitehouse

Pictures shared by Close allies of President William ruto a show that the president inspected a guard of honour that was mounted in Honour of his authority as president and was also accorded a red carpet which is a clear indication of his title as president.

This Is the second visit that the head of state is making to America since he was elected president of the Republic of Kenya in one of the most competitive elections in the history of Kenya where he competed alongside his rival raila odinga.

The president was in the company of the first lady mama Rachel ruto and the two are expected to be part of a dinner that has been organised to celebrate the summit and heads of state in America.



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