Putin still sees Ukrainians as fraternal nation

According to Russian news agency TASS, Russian President Vladimir Putin continues to see the Ukrainian people as a fraternal country.

“We have nothing to be ashamed of.” I say this with full responsibility. As you are aware, we have always regarded the Ukrainian people as belonging to a brotherly country. I still believe so. He emphasized this during a Defense Ministry extended board meeting on Wednesday.

The Russian president stated that Moscow has been attempting to develop relations with Kiev under new geopolitical settings for years. “We tried everything to develop not just good-neighborly but brotherly connections under the new conditions.” We have been offering loans and energy resources essentially for free. for many years! “But nothing worked,” the Russian president said.

He repeated that when Ukraine declared independence from the Soviet Union, its declaration of independence said that it was a neutral state. “I believe Russian authorities at the time were thinking along the same lines. I am certain it was just like this.

So, overall, it is feasible to understand the leadership at the time; in the circumstances of the moment, they most likely did not perceive any dangers. A neutral state, a brotherly people, a common culture, spiritual and moral ideals, and a common past They didn’t notice any dangers. But, to their credit, the opponent was working extremely hard and efficiently,” the Russian president said.

Nonetheless, Putin noted, Russia’s efforts to improve relations with Ukraine have fallen short.

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