Recording Artiste of Viral Song IT’S A BEAUTIFUL DAY Signs Deal With International Music Company

For anyone who have been conversant about the recently trending video of a little boy in a video singing about “Beautiful Day”, it won’t be seen seen as an exaggeration if it’s said that the song has really helped people.

This is in terms of preparing them mentally well for the days ahead and whatever each day is filled with and this has made many people looking for ways to know more about the little boy, Rushawn Edwards.

However, the major concept of this article is how this boy has helped the song’s Recording Artiste, Jermaine Edwards rise sporadically in his career, with the Man now signing a deal with Sony Music UK.

For some, this is a sort of amazing thing to be witnessed in the Music and Entertainment Industry, as the sudden importance attached to the song came many years after Rushawn was recorded singing it in a perceived classroom.

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