‘Wednesday on Netflix is a demonic movie’ – Critic gives review

A young lady identified on Twitter as Alexandra Precious Anigbo has raised an alarm about one of the popular Netflix movies titled “Wednesday”.

The movie, Wednesday, billed by Netflix as “a sleuthing, supernaturally infused mystery that involves investigations of mysteries too. It has been one of the movies that are most hyped on social media.


'Wednesday on Netflix is a demonic movie' - Critic gives review


But it seems some people have a different opinion about the movie. While some have interesting opinions about the movie others seem to have had a bad experience watching it.

Taking to her Twitter page, the young lady wrote;

“Please my siblings, stay away from that “Wednesday series”. It is not for us, clearly. I have watched it on behalf of all of us and I can tell you that the series is demonic. These people are not playing, they really want to take full possession of the media”.


'Wednesday on Netflix is a demonic movie' - Critic gives review




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