Why America is interested in Nigeria’s general election — NED

A US-based election observer, National Endowment for Democracy, yesterday outlined why the US is interested in Nigeria’s general elections, noting that Nigeria is the largest democracy in Africa and the fifth-largest in the world, and that both Nigeria and Nigerians are well regarded in the US.

The President and CEO, Damon Wilson, responded to queries from journalists about the US interest and the reason NED was in the country to interact with both state players and non-state actors, including the media, in advance of the general elections in Nigeria in 2023.

The National Endowment for Democracy (NED) is a private, nonprofit organization that promotes the expansion and fortification of democratic institutions all over the world. NED earns more money every year.

“The US-Nigerian cooperation is enormous,” he declared. It ought to serve as the focal point of American engagement with Africa. Nigeria is the most populous, economically, and in terms of entrepreneurial energy, largest country in the world.”

“The relationship between the US and Nigeria has a lot more unrealized potential. Additionally, there are a sizable number of Nigerians living in the United States. Many of them are now Nigerian Americans. Whether it be through financial and fintech connections, Nollywood, diaspora relationships, or political connections, the diaspora is fairly strong. Look, this ought to be an enormous partnership.”



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